In our recently completed research, ‘What Makes A Successful Risk Leader’, we highlighted that many of the capabilities essential to success as a risk leader tend to be trait driven – integrity, courage, people savvy, influence among others – and therefore traditional training and development activity, particularly in the earlier years of your career, don’t optimise the development you need.

The research is clear about how we grow most successfully: it’s a combination of on-the-job, social, and formal learning, also known as the ‘70-20-10’ model. This research says that roughly 70% of your professional growth will come from the work experiences you have, 20% will come from your interactions with others, and 10% will come from formal education. As a risk leader given the focus on personal qualities, applying this focus on experience to your development plans is even more important.

This article by Marc Effron from the Harvard Business Review sets out some simple ideas around taking charge of your development, with a particular focus on identifying and accessing a range of career experiences that will accelerate your progress – critical in a competitive talent market.

Dougie McAndrew, February 2019