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We assess work experience and academic achievements on receipt of a CV and arrange to meet the candidate if we believe we are in a strong position to help in their job search. If a face to face interview is impossible due to geographical constraints, a phone interview out-with working hours is arranged. Candidates’ ID, eligibility to work in the UK and qualifications are verified.

Candidates are thoroughly assessed during the interview and are individually attributed. They can then be searched for using a combination of attributes selected from an extensive list or specific words or phrases.

When a candidate registers with us, we work with them to ensure that their CV looks professional, clearly demonstrates their skills and experience and highlights their most significant achievements. All CVs are presented in the same format.

When a candidate is invited to attend an interview with a client we ensure the candidate prepares thoroughly prior to the meeting. We send them relevant information on the role and the organisation, and tips regarding what research they should do.

We also send the candidate our own interview support guides and we do a briefing out-with working hours with every candidate several days prior to their interview. This is tailored to take account of how much interview experience the candidate has, and whether they have been invited to a CV-based, competency-based or phone interview. Guidance is also provided on any other forms of assessment the candidate is asked to do including psychometric testing, case studies and presentations.