We are a uniquely experienced recruitment and talent consultancy specialising exclusively in the Corporate Governance arena. We have been operating successfully since January 2003 in what has proven to be a challenging and volatile niche market.

Due to fluctuations in the economy and some significant events that have affected the structure and stability of the Financial Services sector, we have witnessed constant change – at times there has been a shortage of available skilled and professionally qualified candidates, and other times waves of candidates coming onto the market coupled with a downturn in vacancies to absorb them.

We have had to both respond to and lead change, encouraging innovation and individuality, keeping our ideas and practices cutting edge, understanding the trends and forces that affect our business now and will shape our business in the future and moving fast to prepare for what’s to come. We are ready for tomorrow’s recruitment landscape today.

Our experienced leadership team

We have a uniquely experienced corporate governance team, who all bring different strengths to what we do with our clients, candidates and other stakeholders.

Lucy set up Adam Appointments in January 2003 to address a recruitment skills gap in the Corporate Governance market in Scotland. Prior to that she worked with KPMG and two high profile recruitment companies. She has a 1st class honours degree in Marketing. Over many years she has built enduring relationships with her strong network of clients and candidates, placing many of them several times throughout their careers.

Her focus within Adam Appointments remains to ensure that as a team we continue to deliver the best candidates in the market to our clients, providing insight and advice to both parties along the way, and ensuring the experience is efficient and enjoyable for all involved.

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Lucy Adam – Director

Lucy Adam

Dougie McAndrew – Director

Dougie McAndrew

Dougie joined Adam Appointments in 2016. He joined us from Deloitte, where he had been a Partner since 2005 – leading the development of a number of businesses including the Scottish Governance, Risk & Regulation practice, UK Retail Banking Risk Analytics practice and the Scottish Internal Audit practice.

He has over 25 years of advising, working and leading in the corporate governance market. Dougie’s focus within Adam Appointments is around developing/managing senior client and candidate relationships, Executive level recruitment and identifying/exploring opportunities to develop and grow the business.

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